According  to the ancient Nahuatl language, Ollin is derived from "yollotl,"meaning heart, and "yolistli," meaning life, it signifies movement and/or movement of the earth hence to move now with whole heart, with strength, and with courage. On the Mexica Sunstone, Ollin  is also the day of the purified heart, signifying those moments where human beings may perceive what they are becoming.  Ollin is symbolized with the four cardinal directions which form the foundation of Mesoamerican spirituality and cosmology. 


Empowering all individuals, communities and organizations to connect to source by the development and delivery of festivals, events, individual and community teachings through the use of arts and culture.


 Through drumming, singing, dancing, creative arts and teachings, Ollin develops and delivers meaningful sessions, workshops, events and arts projects that reflect inclusion, diversity, unity, equity and community engagement with Mother Earth through authenticity, compassion and meaning.  


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